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Meet Our Donors

Jimmie Monohollon

Jimmie Monhollon, Former Faculty

For Jimmie Monhollon, the pay-off from proper planning was greater than he could even imagine. See how he used his estate plan to save on taxes, protect his family and leave a lasting legacy at HSU.

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Brandon and Kayla Dillman

Brandon '13 and Kayla (Willis) '14/'16 Dillman

If not for scholarship support, alumni couple Brandon and Kayla Dillman may have never been able to attend HSU, which is where they met in 2010. Now they are excited to be on the other side of the story, giving back to help students in need. “We want people to know that your gift goes a long way!”

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Meador family

Allan ’78/’82 and Emily Meador ’06

Alumni couple Allan and Emily Meador can’t think of a better endeavor to be committed to than Hardin-Simmons. “We are scattering young people all over the world,” he says. Learn about their HSU days and how they are supporting the far-reaching impact of today’s students.

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Truett Latimer

Truett Latimer '51

Drawing inspiration from the people he met and the experiences he had while on campus, Truett Latimer believes supporting the school and giving back is essential to bring students HSU.

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Lyndsey Blagrave

Lyndsey Blagrave '15

Having experienced firsthand the impact of donor support, Lyndsey Blagrave is committed to doing what she can to give back to the students who attend HSU now and into the future.

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Ewart Jones

Ewart Jones '90

HSU alumnus Ewart Jones shares his experiences at Hardin-Simmons University and discusses how he stays connected to the university through his giving.

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Richard and Evangelina Darden

Dr. Richard '15 and Evangelina Darden

My connection with HSU began when I was serving on the Board of Directors for the Baptist General Convention of Texas and met Dr. Lanny Hall, then President of HSU, as he would regularly report about the university.

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Tom and Mary Jane Womble

Tom '65 and Mary Jane (Horton) '65 Womble

Tom and Mary Jane look back at their time at Hardin-Simmons with fond memories. They also feel like their life's journey truly began when they met at HSU, and that's why they say they can never out-give what they received from the University.

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Kelly Kunkel

Kelly Kunkel '85

Because of the generosity he saw while attending HSU—including the sacrificial gift of time from each staff member, contributions through the Baptist Cooperative Program, scholarships, and alumni gifts—Kelly Kunkel wanted to give back to the next generation.

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Shannan and Kellie Goss

Shannan '01 and Kellie (Brown) '02 Goss

HSU alums Shannan and Kellie Goss aren't wealthy philanthropists, but they are believers in the University and the people who make education possible. It's why they are using their generous spirits to give back to HSU.

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Dr. Jan (Evans) Patterson '78

Dr. Jan (Evans) Patterson '78

Dr. Jan Patterson has seen her share of outbreaks, including the COVID-19 pandemic. She is giving back to Hardin-Simmons University to ensure future students succeed.

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Roger Steckly and others

Roger Steckly

Enthusiastic alumnus Roger Steckly remembers fondly his days as a student at Hardin-Simmons University, which is why he's delighted to extend his support for future Cowboys through his estate plan.

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Julie Joiner Hammer and family

Julie (Joiner) Hammer '94

Julie (Joiner) Hammer '94 says God blessed her through Hardin-Simmons University, and she's happily spread that blessing to others ever since. Now, through an estate gift, she's helping deserving students get the scholarships they need to succeed.

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James Featherston

J.B. "James" Featherston

J.B. Featherston has strong family ties and connections to HSU. Read about some of his special memories at HSU and learn why he is giving back.

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Javier and Daisy Dominguez Sanchez

Javier '89 and Daisy Dominguez '86 Sanchez

Javier and Daisy give back to HSU because they believe it is part of their responsibility as believers to support organizations that are furthering the message of the gospel.

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Troy and Elizabeth Heyer Roberts

Troy '99/'08 and Elizabeth Heyer '05 Roberts

Troy and Elizabeth Heyer Roberts met at Hardin-Simmons and their growing family remains active at the university. See why these young supporters continue to give back to HSU.

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Melburn and Martha Sibley

Melburn and Martha Sibley

Hardin-Simmons is woven throughout the Sibley family's history. Now, with their financial support for the new Houston-Lantrip Center for dyslexia and autism, they're weaving themselves into HSU's future.

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Randy and Roxy Vanstory

Randy '83 and Roxi '84 Vanstory

Randy '83 and Roxi '84 Vanstory remember their time at Hardin-Simmons fondly, from caring professors to Greek life to meeting each other. And after they graduated, HSU opened doors of opportunity for them, which is why they consider it a privilege and pleasure to give back.

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Keith Dodgen

Keith Dodgen '05

Keith Dodgen '05 loves a lot of things: robots, his family and Hardin-Simmons University. The lessons he learned at HSU continue to inspire and push him today.

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Mae Houston-Lantrip

Mae Houston-Lantrip

Mae Houston-Lantrip had the foresight to realize that she might be able to make the biggest impact of her life after her lifetime. See how she made an impact on Hardin-Simmons University.

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Jerry and Lyn Phillips

Jerry '67 and Lyn (Middleton) '63x Phillips

Jerry Phillips credits HSU for providing a quality education and providing his with many opportunities over the years. But, he's most grateful to HSU for introducing him to his wife, Lyn.

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Ron and Cindy Blevins

Dr. Ron '84 and Cindy (McGee) Blevins '85

We estimate more than 100 students have attended HSU because we brought them to campus or we encouraged them to visit. There are even current HSU students whose parents we recruited!

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Marylan Bacon

Marylan Bacon '67/'72

Some of my closest friends are those I met while a student at Hardin-Simmons.

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The Keeters

Dr. Guy '55 and Jo Anne (Yarbrough) Keeter '55; Dr. Kyle '81 and Carolyn Keeter

With more than 20 family members attending HSU over a span of 100+ years, it should be no surprise that Hardin-Simmons is in our family's blood.

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Angela Nicolini

Dr. Angela Nicolini

I married my soul mate and the love of my life, Edward M. "Ed" Wooten III, on October 21, 2000. Ed had inoperable cancer, and we knew it would take a miracle for him to live to celebrate our first anniversary.

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Mozelle Green

Mozelle (English) Green ex '51

My mother graduated from Simmons College in 1919, and it was her dream for me to also go there. Eventually, it became my dream, too.

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Mary and Vance Cooksey

Mary and Vance ('85/'87) Cooksey

Growing up, there was always music in our house. I started playing the piano at age five, and later learned to play the guitar and the saxophone.

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Jon and Linda Wheeler

Jon '87 and Linda (Haire) Wheeler '85

With 500 students in my high school graduating class, I knew I wanted to attend a small university.

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Greg Solomon

Greg Solomon '83

When I think back on my days as a student at Hardin-Simmons, all kinds of wonderful memories come flooding back.

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Mark and Darcie Hill

Mark '91, '93 and Darcie (Pittman) Hill '95

Mark and I both LOVE Hardin-Simmons. It's the place we met and fell in love.

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Roy and Sharon Graham '63

Roy '63 and Sharon (Smith) Graham '63

We've been farmers and ranchers for a long time, and there's a code most of us live by: when a neighbor or friend needs your help, you show up and do whatever you can.

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Dorothy Kiser

Dorothy (Houston) Kiser '65

Growing up in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, I had never heard of Hardin-Simmons nor been to Abilene.

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Terrie De La Garza

Terrie De La Garza '79

I grew up in Robstown and ended up in Abilene because my (now former) husband was stationed at Dyess AFB.

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Brian and Sonja Bessent

Brian '96 and Sonja (Couch) Bessent '97

We met at Hardin-Simmons when Sonja was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We became engaged when she was a senior and I was in grad school.

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Dr. Loyd and Brenda Hawthorne

Dr. Loyd and Brenda Hawthorne

While neither Loyd nor Brenda Hawthorne attended Hardin-Simmons University, their love for the institution is as strong as that of the most loyal alumni.

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Dr. Loyd and Brenda Hawthorne

Terry '68 and Zelda (Donaldson) Ellison '71

In the fall of 1963, I went with my parents to visit my oldest sister, Jolene, who was a student at Hardin-Simmons.

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Steve and Joy Bezner

Steve '97, '99 and Joy (Leatherwood) Bezner '98

Until my senior year in high school, I planned to pursue a degree in political science.

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Dr. Joseph (Joe) Arden '60

I was born in Abilene and attended public school there and was a gym rat at the old Rose Field House gym since being 12-13 years old.

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Bob and Tiffany Comstock

Bob '94 and Tiffany (Henderson) Comstock '95

Bob Comstock clearly remembers the first time he saw Tiffany Henderson on the HSU campus.

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Jim and Nancy Jones

Jim '75 and Nancy (McNair) Jones '75

While the paths that led Jim and me to Hardin-Simmons University are quite different, we both had wonderful experiences there, and share a deep love for our alma mater.

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Charles and Mary Love

Charles '57 and Mary (Leech) Love '57 ex

Charles and Mary Love's story truly is a love story. Their love for God, each other, their family, and Hardin-Simmons University is well known among their large family and many friends.

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Phil and Lynelle Eddins

Phil '64 and Lynelle Eddins

When I was a student at Hardin-Simmons, I applied for every scholarship I could find.

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Allison Rhodes

Allison Rhodes '95 ex

Hardin-Simmons has been a blessing to my family for more than 100 years with over 20 members of my immediate and extended family having attended the college.

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Dirk and Melinda Stricklin

Dirk '80 and Melinda (Offner) Stricklin '83

When we think about Hardin-Simmons University, we think about investment.

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Martha Gafford

Martha (Austin) Gafford '44

One of 15 children, my mother, Katie Foy Austin, entered what was then Simmons College in 1915.

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Phil and Cathy Ashby

Phil '80 and Cathy (Fisher) Ashby '82

Cathy and I met through Student Congress at Hardin-Simmons University. We both often say that four of the best years of our lives were those we spent on the HSU campus.

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Chad and Kathy Braun

Chad '94 and Kathy Braun '94

Hardin-Simmons University holds a special place in our hearts. We met in high school, spent all four years of our college careers at HSU, and became engaged there.

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Jerry and Cheryl Hicks

Jerry '77 and Cheryl Hicks

As a first generation college graduate, I believe that education is one of the best ways a person can change their life and achieve financial security.

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Billy Bob and Pat Neff

Billy Bob '62, '67 and Pat (Butman) Neff '77

We've supported a variety of causes at Hardin-Simmons University through the years because the university is important to us.

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Cody and Stacey Martin

Cody '95, '03 and Stacey (Vaughn) Martin '96, '01

We can't sit down at the end of the year and write a $1,000 check like some people can.

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Debra Zarsk

Debra (Schuler) Zarsk '83

Simply put, I give to Hardin-Simmons for the same reason I give to any other organization: I believe in the mission, and I want to support it.

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Cynthia Pearson

Cynthia (King) Pearson '85

I love Hardin-Simmons University, and there are three reasons I give to my alma mater.

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David and Elaine Miller

David '74 and Elaine (Fikes) Miller '73

Elaine and I love purple and gold. Those colors combine to make us sentimental, nostalgic, and appreciative for what Hardin-Simmons did for us.

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Bob and Tricia Northcut

Bob '62 and Tricia (Wolfe) Northcut '60

If it weren't for Hardin-Simmons University, we wouldn't be where we are today.

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Candy Noble and Robert Noble

Candy (Thweatt) Noble '83 and Robert Noble

We give to Hardin-Simmons University because HSU provides an education that is grounded in faith. Christian values are upheld university-wide, which is very important to our family.

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Barry and Bea Tyler

Barry '78 and Bea (Dromgoole) Tyler '83

Barry and Bea Tyler both grew up in the Texas Panhandle. In July 1976, they both made a commitment to full-time Christian service.

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Bud and Wanda Crow

Bud '63 and Wanda Crow

We all have causes and endeavors that we support. Though Wanda didn't attend Hardin-Simmons University, I'll briefly tell you why we are advocates of Christian education.

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