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Charles '57 and Mary (Leech) Love '57 ex

Charles '57 and Mary Love '57

Charles '57 and Mary Love '57 ex

Charles and Mary Love's story truly is a love story. Their love for God, each other, their family, and Hardin-Simmons University is well known among their large family and many friends. Watching them interact, one can't help but smile. As one of them talks, the other one watches and smiles. They touch and hug often. They exude genuine love.

Although their love story didn't begin at Hardin-Simmons, Mary's parents' story did. Helen Hatton and Marvin Leech met on the Forty Acres when it really was just 40 acres—and named Simmons College. Mary's mother and four of her five siblings graduated from Simmons.

Charles and Mary met at a church in Amarillo. Charles was in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Amarillo Air Force Base. Mary felt God put it on her heart to be a missionary or a pastor's wife. Posing the question to potential suitors "Have you ever thought about being a minister?" quickly eliminated many of them. The question didn't scare Charles. Although he had planned to make the military his life's career, he had just been through a study at church dealing with learning about God's will, and he felt God calling him to the ministry. The two soon married and attended Hardin-Simmons together.

Charles was blessed to have the benefits of the G.I. Bill to pay his way through school. It was even enough to get him through the first year of seminary.

The Loves became missionaries to what was then British Guiana (now known as Guyana) in 1965. They had five children, ages two, four, six, eight, and ten when they first went to British Guiana, where they served for 28 years. Four of their five children later attended Hardin-Simmons, continuing the legacy for the third generation. Three of their children graduated from HSU, and the fourth transferred to and graduated from another college.

For many years, the Loves have made monthly gifts to HSU in support of athletics, summer mission projects, and the Annual Scholarship Fund. They also give periodically to other causes at Hardin-Simmons, including providing custom HSU Bibles for incoming students.

The Loves are quick to note that their gifts are small. The size of their gifts isn't what's important—it's the frequency and loyalty that makes an impact.

When asked why they give, they both say that their family has been blessed by Hardin-Simmons for four generations—a grandson who graduated this year is the first member of the fourth generation of HSU alumni.

They also give because they are interested in students. Mary relates, "It's exciting to see new students come in. We love young people." Charles echoes, "We want to be a blessing to others." They also cite the great faculty and high standards of their alma mater as reasons to give.

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