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Cody '95, '03 and Stacey (Vaughn) Martin '96, '01

By Stacey Martin


Cody and Stacey (Vaughn) Martin with their sons

We can't sit down at the end of the year and write a $1,000 check like some people can. But we can easily give a little every month, which we do through payroll deduction. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our total giving recently reached $1,000 since we started giving monthly in 2006.

Working at Hardin-Simmons, I see firsthand the positive impact that our giving has on students. Sometimes the smallest of scholarships can have the biggest impact, making the difference between a student staying in school or dropping out.

We consider our small monthly gifts an investment in the lives of others and in their future. A student who benefits from our support may one day teach our children or become our next door neighbor.

As a family, we interact with students regularly. We host a dessert party for incoming students every year. We attend various athletic events, and we encounter students in the community. Our sons, currently 11 and 8, love getting to know HSU students. It's exciting to think about them becoming Hardin-Simmons students one day.

We never really thought about giving to HSU until a development officer asked us to do it. We've never regretted saying yes, and we don't miss the money. If you don't already give to Hardin-Simmons, there is no time like the present to start. Giving monthly by bank draft, credit card, or payroll deduction (for employees) is very simple. If you don't know who to contact, just send an email to, call (325) 670-1260 or give online. You will be glad you did...and so will our students.

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