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Phil '80 and Cathy (Fisher) Ashby '82

Phil and Cathy Ashby

Phil and Cathy Ashby

By Phil Ashby

Cathy and I met through Student Congress at Hardin-Simmons University. We both often say that four of the best years of our lives were those we spent on the HSU campus. In one way, it was a very different time because we lived in the dorms all four years, except for summers. Most current students only live in dorms (or residence halls, as they're now called) their first two years, and then they move off campus.

For us, we felt that everything we needed and wanted was right there on campus. We were both very involved in social clubs, Cathy in Delta and me in Tau Alpha Phi. Friends and fellow club members lived on our respective halls, and we had a great time with them.

While I had a family history with HSU, I almost went to college elsewhere. I had been accepted at Baylor, and even made a deposit on a dorm room. Then this small-town boy from Vernon decided to stick with what I knew and go somewhere familiar. With two older brothers and a sister attending Hardin-Simmons before me, I had been on campus numerous times, and I knew I would be happy there. I've never regretted that decision.

Growing up in East Texas, Cathy's first exposure to Hardin-Simmons was during her senior year of high school. She visited a good friend who was a freshman at HSU, and that visit was all she needed to make her decision.

When we became engaged, our social clubs had rituals they performed. For Cathy, that involved a candlelit ceremony during which she blew out a candle to signal her engagement. For me, it was quite different—I was thrown in the pond!

At HSU, we made memories that will last a lifetime—and friendships that will as well. Hardin-Simmons helped make us the people that we are today. While many things have changed since our days as students, the ministry and mission of HSU remains the same today. That's why we choose to give back.

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