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Mozelle (English) Green ex '51

Mozelle Green

My mother graduated from Simmons College in 1919, and it was her dream for me to also go there. Eventually, it became my dream, too. After graduating from high school in Arizona, I attended a state school there for a year while I worked to make the money to go to Hardin-Simmons. My mother scraped together as much as she could to help. My best friend Betty and I made the long trip from Phoenix to Abilene to start our sophomore year. Little did I know that would be the happiest year of my life up until that point.

My year at Hardin-Simmons was magical. I loved everything about being on campus—the camaraderie, the wonderful professors, chapel, the Baptist Student Union, living in Mary Frances Hall, the choir—and Euell Porter, the brilliant choir director, even though I wasn’t in the choir. Nearly every week, someone from church would invite Betty and me to their home for Sunday dinner. That was very special to us because we rarely could visit our own families in Arizona because of the distance.

Unfortunately, the summer after my sophomore year, my father suffered a heart attack and money was tighter than ever. Sadly, I was unable to return to Hardin-Simmons. However, my memories of that year of enchantment at HSU have remained with me.

I believe in Hardin-Simmons and its mission. My late husband and I were both teachers, so I don’t have a lot of money to give, but I give what I can to the university. More importantly, Hardin-Simmons is in my estate plans. I can leave more to the university after my death than I can give now.

We still need Christian higher education, perhaps now more than ever. My year at HSU left a big impression on me. I learned what God can do when His people come together for a noble cause. If you don’t give because you think your gift of $25, $50 or $100 doesn’t matter, think again. If 1,000 people each give $25, that adds up to $25,000. That makes a big impact on scholarships for students, academic programs, athletic programs, or any number of needs.

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