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Couple's Support Benefits HSU Family

Troy and Elizabeth Heyer RobertsTroy '99/'08 and Elizabeth (Heyer) '05 Roberts met at an alumni gathering and just a few years later got married. They are now raising beautiful children and developing thriving careers. Troy is currently the Superintendent for the Huckabay ISD and Elizabeth is an instructor at Tarleton State University in the School of Kinesiology and an Athletic Trainer for Texas Health Resources. These active Board of Young Associate members love supporting HSU because "it is such a great place to finish growing up," as Troy says in the following interview about why they continue to stay connected to Hardin-Simmons. "You always take care of family, that's why we continue to support HSU!"

When did you attend HSU?
Elizabeth: 2001-2005
Troy: 1994-1999 and 2008

Why did you choose HSU?
Elizabeth: Hardin-Simmons was on my short list of colleges because of their athletic training program. I knew I wanted to become a certified athletic trainer, and Hardin-Simmons was one of the only small schools with accreditation. I was living in College Station where I attended a huge high school and knew that a big school was not for me. From the moment I stepped on campus, it felt like family. I knew that Hardin-Simmons was the place for me.

Troy: Growing up in Abilene, I met many people going to HSU through various camps and numerous athletic events throughout my childhood. All of that factored into my decision. HSU has a superb reputation for education majors as well as athletic training. As a graduate from a small 3A school, HSU's small class sizes were very appealing as well. From the first visit and ever since, every time I am on campus, it feels like home.

Who were your most memorable teachers and mentors?
Elizabeth and Troy: David Stuckey—he is so much more to us than a mentor. He is family! We adopted both David and his wife, Jennifer, as another set of parents.

What is a favorite story or memory of HSU from your time there?
Elizabeth: I have so many fond memories from my time at Hardin-Simmons. They include my freshman-year roommate who is still my best friend today, pledging Sigma Alpha, participating in SING and of course covering all the sporting events as an athletic trainer.

Troy: There are so many, but some that come to mind include road trips with athletic teams, hosting playoff games, feeding rolls from the cafeteria to the catfish in the pond and hundreds more with many friends made while at HSU.

How did you two meet?
Elizabeth: Troy and I met because of Hardin-Simmons and the athletic training program. While we were not at Hardin-Simmons at the same time, Troy would always come to alumni gatherings for athletic training. I first met him at one of those alumni gatherings. Troy and I were acquaintances for my entire time at Hardin-Simmons, seeing each other two to three times a year at most. One summer after I had graduated, we had dinner together at one of the annual gatherings and decided that we might want to go out on a date again! Three years later we were married!

Do you want to share about your family?
Elizabeth: Family is so important to us. Our family not only includes those related by blood, but also our Hardin-Simmons family. Troy and I are both very close to many of our friends that we now consider family, and we would not have met without HSU.

It is so fun to think about the HSU family we met, and to share that with our sons. Our boys Ethan (8) and Jacob (5) are very active and involved in many different sports. They have been HSU Kids Club members for four years and love coming to HSU for events.

How do you stay involved and connected to HSU?
Elizabeth: I am a proud member of the Board of Young Associates and very much enjoy our semi-annual visits to campus. I also like talking to prospective students about HSU and what it has to offer. We always come to several sporting events a year.

I think that one of the most important ways we are still connected is through our friendships made at HSU. Every year I take a trip with nine other girls who were my sorority sisters, and our families get together often. We enjoy fellowship together and reliving our memories from HSU.

Why did you choose to give back to HSU?
Elizabeth: My time at HSU provided me with so much, including my career path, best friends and, most importantly, my husband. Without HSU, I am not sure where I would be today! I feel a strong desire to serve the university that did so much for me!
Troy: HSU is such a great place to finish growing up. The focus on providing a Christian-centered education with a small school enrollment gives HSU the unique one-of-a-kind feeling of one big family. You always take care of family. That's why we continue to support HSU!

What do you think other people should know about giving back to HSU?
Elizabeth: Your gift to Hardin-Simmons makes a huge difference to the current students, and they are very appreciative. If you are thinking of donating, just take a visit to the university and meet some of the impressive students who are currently attending! They will convince you that it is worth it in a moment.

Join the Roberts in Making a Difference

You, too, can make a meaningful impact on Hardin-Simmons by making a future gift to support our students. Contact Eric Bruntmyer, President, or one of our development officers at or (325) 670-1260 to learn about your giving options.

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