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Wayne, ex '57 and Pat (Johnson) Miller, ex '56

One word describes our experience at Hardin-Simmons: wonderful! Our time there was truly one of the best of our lives.

In those days, HSU was in a different athletic division and awarded athletic scholarships. I attended Hardin-Simmons on a tennis scholarship, served in the military, and returned to HSU on the GI bill. Pat and I met on campus when I was there the second time. What a tremendous blessing that was, and still is, as we celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary this year.

Growing up in the Abilene area, it was natural for Pat to attend Hardin-Simmons. She was on a basketball team that played on the HSU campus, and her sister attended Hardin-Simmons before her.

Although I ultimately completed my degree in petroleum engineering at a large state school, Hardin-Simmons remains very dear to both of us. We realize now that decisions we made while at HSU have affected us throughout our lives. We feel very fortunate for the years we had there.

While we're certain that we haven't recognized every opportunity or blessing that has come our way during our lifetimes, we do know that God has blessed us more than we could ever bless anyone else. We love young people, and we enjoy helping them.

We're delighted to give back to Hardin-Simmons and make a difference for current students. While the university can no longer give athletic scholarships, we faithfully support the tennis teams. It warms our hearts to know that more than 50 years after we were there, the university still holds fast to its Christian principles, providing a quality education and a solid foundation of faith to students.

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